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A page of head concepts in gray-scale, from my work-in-progress digital sketchbook. The one’s on the right ended up being my ice-dwelling kobolds…or….snowbolds.


cute as hell


a doberman doodle :o but I liked it so it’s on my redbubble.




I recently did some sketches for a project based on the theme “Magical Cats”. Unfortunately said project was cancelled but! I enjoyed the sketches so much that I’m going to finish them anyway. I am absolutely looking forward to all the detail in that little potionmaster/herbalist’s hut.

Sketches done with vermillion col-erase Prismacolors, my weapon of choice. I need to buy them in bulk. I have a big ol jar that I’m putting my little pencil nubbins in once they get to an unusable length. I look forward to filling it many times.


Little Red Riding Hood


"I wish dragons were real!"

Mate. Have you SEEN a bird. Tell me this thing isn’t a dragon.

This is an African white-backed vulture at the Hawk Conservancy in Andover. This one’s fully grown but still thinks he’s a baby, and he performed feed me feed me behaviour all through being photographed. It would probably have been adorable coming from a fluffy chick with stubbywings, but was a bit scary coming from something with a 3m wingspan going WAARK WAARK. He sounded really cross! 


I don’t know if I will finish this—I wanted the body to have some of that interesting awkwardness that a lot of manga dudes have but it ended up not quite that way and now it just looks weird to me. Anyway! Sometimes it is good to post the fails and the semi-fails.